FAQ for the inquisitive:


Q:  Is the bike really comfortable with that strange seat?

A:  The bike is actually one of the most comfortable bikes you can ride! It is a foot forward design, so your feet are always in front of you. This combined with an upright handlebar position rocks you back onto your sit bones and keeps you in a much more comfortable position. 

The seat is designed for comfort, not speed. Think of a beach cruiser saddle, wide and comfortable. The seat is a very special tapered design that allows a narrower front section for smaller riders and a wider rear section for larger, taller riders. It is constructed with high density foam. This is truly one of the most comfortable bikes you will ever ride.

Another benefit of this seat is that you never need to worry about it being stolen!  Also, your friends and family can ride your bike without having to make adjustments!

** All bikes ship with the new seat which is 3/4" narrower in the front than the one depicted in the picture.  The new saddle is even more comfortable for smaller riders and allows even easier pedaling for riders of all sizes!

Q:  Why do you use those wide 4 inch tires?

A:  The 4.0 tires serve two purposes. First they hardly ever need air compared to a 2.0 tire, which need to be filled up weekly. Second they roll super smooth and stay in motion very easily. If you live near the beach you can ride them on the sand as well. Less flats and more air equals more time on the bike and less time pumping and repairing!

Q:  This bike would be a cool electric bike. Any thoughts on that?

A:  Funny you should ask! The Capuchin will come with battery mounts and cable guides already installed so that in the near future when we offer our electric motor kit your Capuchin will be 100% compatible. You will just mount the battery and install the 350W electric motor rear wheel and you will be ready to go.

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